Month: May 2012

Improve Your Lot Drainage

  How much water do you think comes off your roof in a heavy rain storm?  Take a typical 1500 sq ft home and a rain storm that drops one inch of rain, this is equal to over 900 gallons of water. This water, all 900 gallons, leaves your roof by following your gutter system

Eavestroughs Freezing Up?

This year during my inspections in Barrie I noticed a lot of people were draining their eavestrough into drain lines, some into french drains and some into low areas away from their homes.  This winter has been exceptionally different as we have had freezing rain followed by snow and then cold temperatures.  The always changing

Power Line Clearances

The Canadian Electrical Code Part I gives electrical utilities an exemption from the code for "installations and equipment in its exercise as a utility, located outdoors or in buildings or sections of buildings used for that purpose." The CEC Part I is "a voluntary code for adoption and enforcement by regulatory authorities." When adopted into

Hardwood Flooring – Maintenance and Care

Hardwood Flooring – Maintenance  and Care Hardwood is one of the best choices when it comes to flooring options. Hardwood floors are preferred over carpet flooring because it does not retain allergy causing pollen. Also, carpets need a lot more cleaning and maintenance than hardwood floors. Carpets also tend to smell over time, while hardwood

ICE DAMS – Causes and Cures

With the winter season almost upon us it is time to discuss the re-occurring ice dams that frustrate many home owners. So lets start with the educational segment first. Ice Dams are created when you have fairly large snowfall and the snow melts and re-freezes before being channeled away from your roof. This is usually

Fluorescents Lights – Mercury Scare?

The poster-child for the anti-fluorescent bulbers is Brandy Bridges, a mother in Maine who broke a bulb in her daughter’s bedroom a couple years back. Bridges, aware the bulbs contained mercury, called state officials, who came over, did tests, and told her to have the room cleaned by a hazardous waste crew – to the

Spring Maintenance for Your Home

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to start planning those maintenance jobs that will prevent damage from occurring around your home.  This is known as preventive maintenance and is a yearly event. A good way to start is to go out to the curb and take a good look at your

The PDI inspection – What You Need To Know!

    Many new home buyers will see their new home for the first time during their PDI inspection. Most builders do not encourage buyer to visit the new home site during construction, siting insurance concerns, but other builders welcome purchasers and allow them access to their home during construction.   Your Pre Delivery Inspection