Month: September 2012

Renovation and Building Costs

?     Use the following information to get a good idea of the costs associated with this comprehensive list of small to large renovation and construction projects. If you have any other prices you think should be added or changed, please email us with any updates and or changes. All rights are reserved and

Your Home’s Components Life Expectancy Chart

Your Home’s Components Life Expectancy Chart –  From InterNACHI Consumers and inspectors and other professionals advising their clients should note that these life expectancies have been determined through research and testing based on regular recommended maintenance and conditions of normal wear and tear, and not extreme weather (or other) conditions, neglect, over-use or abuse.  Therefore,

Insulation R-Value Table

Insulation R-Value Table Insulation Values For Commonly Found Materials Component R-Value Studs R-Value Cavity Assembly R-Value Wall – Outside Air Film 0.17 0.17 Siding – Wood Bevel 0.80 0.80 Plywood Sheathing – 1/2″ 0.63 0.63 3 1/2″ Fiberglass Batt 13.00 3 1/2″ Stud 4.38 1/2″ Drywall 0.45 0.45 Inside Air Film 0.68 0.68 Percent for


AIR CONDITIONING AGE & CAPACITY Home Inspection Services | Professional Home Inspection Services AIR CONDITIONING AGE & CAPACITY As a rule-of-thumb, capacity information is encoded by air conditioning manufactures in the model number and date of manufacture info in the serial number. There are 12,000 Btu’s per ton of cooling, and air conditioners are sized

Buying a New Home – Tarion Warranty Facts

TARION WARRANTY New Home Warranty It’s on the House Aubrey LeBlanc Toronto Star Saturday Dec. 16/95  “New In Homes Section”  Separating Fact from Fiction Separating fact from fiction is every new home buyer’s responsibility when it comes to clearly understanding their new home warranty. Fiction: Some consumers assume the Ontario New Home Warranty Program (ONHWP)