Buying Your First Home

Buying Your First Home, Knowledge is said to open doors. This is literally true when it comes to buying a home. To become a first-time homebuyer, you need to know where and how to begin the home buying process.

If your planning on raising a family, or have one already started, schools maybe the most important item on your list of required items. Check with your local school board or realtor to find out specific educational requirements in your area.

Choosing a home that meets today’s and your future needs can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Moving or expanding your current house selection to suit an expanding family can be expensive.

Finding a Realtor can be as easy as asking your friends for a referral or looking online for an agent in your area. When choosing your Realtor you want to ensure you find one who puts your needs and interests before their own.

Financial planning is an important part of buying a home and includes more than just the purchase price of the home. Most home buyers will go to their financial institution of choice and be Pre-Approved for a mortgage amount so that they know what price range of homes they can afford. In a competitive market, where time is essential, this can make the difference when bidding on a property when other buyers are interested.

After finding your new home you then have to consider the closing costs which will be added on to the price of your new home. There is the land transfer tax, HST, Lawyers fees and the Title Insurance which all have to be paid. Property taxes, home insurance, mortgage insurance and water bills are all recurring expenses you have to budget for.

Hire a professional home inspector to ensure your property is built according to the appropriate building code. Failure to inspect just this one area can cost you thousands of dollars and needless headaches if work was done in your home by un-licensed tradespeople. A home inspection is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you receive.

Your home inspection report, prepared by the Barrie Home Inspector will include a review of your heating system, electrical system, air conditioner, interior plumbing, roof, attic visible insulation, basement, foundation and any visible structure. The inspection will also include Free Thermal Imaging scan of home.

Want to find out more about The Barrie Home Inspector, then visit Roger Frost’s site on how to choose the best Home Inspector in Barrie for Peace of Mind.