New Technology and Home Inspections

The Barrie Home inspector has been providing Free Thermal Imaging scans with all regular priced home inspections for the past year. This amazing technology can aid in the detection of heat loss, moisture, water leaks, over-heating conditions and even mould detection. We also perform moisture checks with our up-graded digital moisture detector which allows us

Eave Troughs – Winter Maintenace

Eave Troughs – Care and Maintenance   Winter and eave troughs – This is where most home designers fail to take winter into consideration when designing homes.   Most home owners buy homes in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and never think about their homes eave troughs and downspouts. As a  home inspector in the

Observational Diagnostics for Home Energy Audits

Observational Diagnostics, Section One There are many Observational Diagnostic techniques and experiential knowledge that have been learned by many individuals through the time that they spend in buildings which, in general, may not have made its way into the typical building evaluation resource materials. This Observation Diagnostics, Section One document was created as a way

Fireplace Inserts and WETT Inspections

Inserts are made from plate steel or cast iron and most have glass doors so you can see the flames. These appliances fit into the opening of the fireplace, with some models protruding onto the hearth. An insert which is extended out may be more efficient because the sides, top, and bottom provide additional radiant

Energy Audit Savings

Energy Audit Savings   Standby Equipment   Many systems have standby equipment installed for reliability. Sometimes standby units are operated un-necessarily causing waste of energy and life of system equipment. Proper switching can alleviate this problem and prevent un-need equipment from running.   Transfer switches can provide alternate switching between two units. Switch will provide

Energy Audit Savings – Replacing Lamps and Fixtures

Energy Audit Savings Lamps and Fixtures, Incandescent Definitions Incandescent – An electric light in which a filament is heated to incandescence by an electric current. HID lighting High-intensity discharge (HID) lamp — A lamp that produces light by passing electricity through gas, which causes the gas to glow. Examples of HID lamps are mercury vapor

The History of the Blower Door by Abba Anderson

The History of the Blower Door by Abba Anderson Perhaps no piece of equipment has changed the way energy professionals look at buildings more than the blower door. Over the past 15 years, entire diagnostic procedures have evolved around this relatively simple device that can make subtle, but measurable, changes in house pressures. The blower