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Pricing Policy

Pricing Structure

Our “Pricing Structure” is posted on our website so that our clients can see exactly what their fee will be with no hidden suprises.

Home Inspection Fees

Home Inspection = $399.00

Inspection includes exterior inspection of home and landscaping around home. This includes decks, sidewalks, drainage, window wells, roof, windows, gutters and downspouts.
The inspection of the interior of the home includes, inspecting all systems; heating, cooling, water supply, drains, ducts and electrical.

During the inspection we open all doors and windows and test all kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

We inspect your attic for signs of moisture, lack of ventilation, proper and adequate insulation coverage and look for vermiculite or asbestos insulation.


Special Inspections

Century Homes – These are homes with Cement and Rock foundations are a flat fee of $449.00. ¬†We are often referred by Realtor’s as being a Century Home professional.

Homes with an extra kitchen – $50.00

Out Buildings or Separate Garage – $50.00

Hot Tub inspection – $50.00

Swimming Pool inspection – $50.00

Thermal Imaging Scan – Free with Home Inspection

Money Back Guarantee

Barrie Home Inspections the only home inspector in Simcoe County to offer a money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. No questions asked, money cheerfully refunded.

WETT Inspections
If a WETT inspection is required we will provide one for $50.00 if done at time of home inspection.

Fee for just a WETT inspection is $175.00.