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Your Home Inspection Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee –   Barrie Home Inspections is the only Home Inspector in Simcoe County to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if not 100% Satisfied.  This Guarantee is good for a period of 30 days from when you Money Back Guarantee take possession of your new home.  Unlike other “Inspection Guarantee’s” there are no tricky time limits or conditions entailed.

Knowledge and Experience

Our industry leading training and knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and affiliate memberships in Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, OBOA, NACHI and FREA, allow us to attain and maintain a high standard of excellence, ensuring our clients receive an inspection at the highest possible standard.  This higher standard of training allows us to offer our clients this “Iron Clad Guarantee”

Guarantee Coverage

Our 30 day money back guarantee only starts when you move into your home. This allows you time to settle in and really have a good look around your home. We do not inspect appliances, but we always recommend you visit your new home as close to your closing date as possible and operate every system you can to ensure they are functioning properly. It is a lot easier to have an item repaired prior to closing than after deal is closed and money has been transferred.

Free Thermal Imaging with Every Home Inspection

We offer Free Thermal Imaging scans of electrical and exterior surfaces when requested. Barrie Home Inspections was the first home inspection company in Barrie, Alliston, Orillia or Innisfil to provide this service, Barrie Home  Free Thermal Imaging Scan Inspections continual trainging and education puts us at the forefront in technology and policies which makes us your best choice when choosing a home inspector.

Items We Inspect

Your home inspector will evaluate the following:

Items Inspected  Check all electrical outlets, switches and the fuse/breaker panel.

Items Inspected Flush toilets and turn on faucets to make sure they work and to determine water pressure.

Items Inspected Open and close all the windows.

Items InspectedCheck the floors, walls and ceilings for any defects.

Items Inspected Check the basement or foundation for any water leakage.

Items InspectedInspect the heating and cooling systems.

Items InspectedCheck out the attic and any crawl spaces to assess insulation.

Items InspectedExamine in the closets and under the stairs.

Items InspectedInspect chimneys and flues (in some cases chimneys require an additional inspection from a specialist).

Items Inspected Inspect roof and eavestroughs.

Items Inspected Look around the entire exterior of the building structure looking for signs of weather damage.

Items Inspected Look for any issues with exterior decks and railings.

Items Inspected Inspect the foundation looking for cracks or other issues.

Items Inspected Check the grading around the foundation

The Barrie Home Inspection Guarantee applies to your Homes Exterior, Interior, Systems, Windows and Doors.

While most companies rely on franchise promotions to obtain your business, we base our growth on satisfied customers and excellent service. Our sole purpose is to protect you, our customer, by being the best inspection company in the Simcoe County and Barrie area.