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Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-listing Inspections

The majority of homes today are sold conditional on a home inspection. Although not a recommended practice some buyers look at a home inspection as an oportunity to further negotiate their purchase price. Preparing your home prior to a buyers home inspection can utimately save you money.

  • It allows you to correct those minor problems that home inspectors find
  • It helps to set a realistic price on your house;
  • It gives you time and allows you to shop around for good prices for repairs;
  • Removes the possibility of negotiating stumbling blocks later
  • Encourages the buyer to waive the home inspection condition
  • Studies show homes that pre-inspected can sell up to 50% faster!
  • Copies of the inspection report along with receipts for any repairs can be made available to potential buyers

Inspections have traditionally been done as one of the final steps toward closing, which can be stressful for all concerned. If an inspection done as part of a contingency clause reveals issues which have not been previously addressed, closings can be delayed and sometimes the deal doesn’t go through at all. Re-negotiations over price and repairs can stand between you and closing your deal. By proactively having your home inspected by a reputable professional, the stress is removed. The home is presented accurately, and any prospective buyer who makes an offer does so with full knowledge of the condition of the home. This significantly reduces the risk of last-minute cold feet and lost buyers. Additionally, because you are arranging for the inspection, you have the chance to review the report before it is finalized, and to offer any documentation you may have that will make the report as accurate as possible.