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Beware of these Property Defects –  can be expensive to repair.

Aluminum Wiring

Shortly after aluminum wiring became common place, some overheating problems started to appear. These included flickering lights, warm cover plates on switches and receptacles, and burned insulation on wiring. Any kind of overheating condition can lead to the possibility of fires.

1. Softness: Aluminum is a much softer metal than copper. Electricians who had always worked with copper found that it was very easy to nick, cut, or crush the aluminum wiring when removing insulation or making connections. They had to be gentler. Damaged wire creates local hot spots and results in overheating.

2. Creeping: When electricity flows through wire, the wire heats up. Aluminum wire expands more than copper when it heats up. The repeated expansion and contraction as the wire heated up and cooled down caused to the wire to creep out from under the terminal screws that held the wire in place. This wire creeping resulted in loose connections and overheating.

3. Rusting: When metals rust, they form an oxide on the surface. Rust on steel is red, rust on copper is green, and rust on aluminum is white. It’s not a big problem when copper wiring rusts, since the copper oxide that forms is electrically conductive. It doesn’t interfere with the wire’s ability to do its job. When aluminum wiring rusts, the white oxide is not a very good electrical conductor. It does interfere with the flow of electricity, and again, can cause overheating.

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Galvanized Plumbing

Most insurance companies will not insure a home with galvanized plumbing because it is well past its predicted life span. Galvanized steel pipes, commonly installed in homes prior to 1950, have an average life expectancy of 40–50 years. Over time, the galvanized steel pipes begin to rust or corrode from the inside out, resulting in reduced water pressure and restricted water flow. This presents an increased risk of leaks or ruptures occurring in the pipes and the potential for flood damage. Your insurance company will probably require you to replace galvanized plumbing with copper and plastic piping before providing you with insurance coverage.
Asbestos in your HOME
Older homes will typically have some asbestos as it was used in drywall, floor tile, ceiling tile and in many types of insulation. Removing asbestos can be expensive and involves setting up decontamination and clean zones in the home. Recommend obtaining multiple quotes for any removal. All asbestos removed has to be tagged and disposed of at an approved waste site. If you are thinking about removing the asbestos yourself buy the proper protective equipment and follow accepted guidelines for removal process. Your health could be at stake if you ignore the hazards involved in asbestos removal. Asbestos, as a product, was removed from acceptable housing materials around the mid-1970’s, so if the home is older than 1970, chances are high that somewhere within the home, there is asbestos.

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Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube Wiring, also called Open Wiring, was a common wiring method used in the 1900’s to the late 1940’s.. While not illegal, it can be in poor condition with failing insulation and cracked tubes and insulators. Most home insurance companies will not insure a home with knob and tube wiring installed. Many times an older home will have most of the knob and tube wiring removed but often there may be a circuit or two that is overlooked or ignored due to shoddy workmanship. Never install insulation over exposed knob and tube wiring as it requires an open air space to dissipate any heat build up.

Potable Water Tests

A water potability test will check the water for the presence of the most common, dangerous bacteria such as Coliform, E-coli, and Fecal coliform. Testing can be performed on well water or tap water. In addition to checking for harmful bacterium, a chemical test can be conducted to check for magnesium, iron, lead, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemical compound levels in your water. Most home buyers do not know that if you are buying a home with a well that a typical water potability test done by your Realtor at your kitchen or bathroom sink will not detect feces in the water if there is a UV light and Cartridge Filter installed. The water must be collected prior to any water treatment devices such as softeners, carbon filters, reverse osmosis units and ceramic filters. Bypass, remove or disconnect these devices to ensure that the sample is taken before the water enters these treatment devices.

WETT Certified Inspections

If you use a wood burning appliance in your home, such as a wood stove, wood-fired furnace, pellet stove or wood-burning fireplace, and never had it WETT inspected, you should arrange for a WETT inspection for the safety of you and your family. Most insurance companies will also require you to obtain a WETT inspection on a new installation, on an existing installation that has undergone a modification, or when you purchase a home equipped with a wood burning appliance.

Building Permit’s

Building permits are required for just about any renovation  project.  When you buy a home which has had work done without a building permit you are Steel Beam Improperly Supportedassuming responsibility for any deficiencies that may exist.  Plumbing and electrical systems were installed without proper inspection prior to enclosing work.  Any structural change requires a design and a building permit.  Protect yourself and your investment by having a professional home inspection prior to purchasing property.

The steel beam supported on concrete column is improperly installed.  This should have been observed prior to occupancy permit being issued by City Building Department.  This unsafe condition would have continued until possible failure of support except for detection during home inspection.

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Protect your family and home from Property Defects by calling the Alliston Home Inspector.

When buying a new commercial building, most likely you have a lot to consider and be ready for your current space. Having said that, it is important to spend some time on inspecting the flat roof covering before making your major order. When you have owned a flat roof structure for many years, it is still recommended that you inspect your roof and discover how to maintain it. Unnoticed leaks might be damaging and very expensive, particularly in areas with essential documentation or costly devices.

The very first action that you must carry out is to examine meticulously each room inside the property. Study the ceiling for any marks. Usually, if a leak is present, a dark colored leak is seen along the soaked area. However, right before continuing it is wise to speak to a roofing contractor. Not mainly because damage because of a leak is situated in a certain area mean the leak is found above. The water could possibly be directed to another area around the building situated certain feet away simply because flat roofs have layers which will do that. Possibly the damage is as a result of plumbing leak instead of by the roofing itself. The problem which causes the marks might have been remedied however, not the ceiling. Working with a roof specialist is the ideal solution to do in locating the leak.

Although staining may not be apparent and also any warning signs of leaks are, examining your roof remains to be preferred. Circumstances could soon arise due to formed cracks. To prevent internal harms to the building, take care of this issue. Walking on your roof covering and performing basic assessments is actually one great idea. Certainly never omit that you are actually walking on the roof which means you must not walk backwards. Also, make yourself advised that skylight covers are certainly not created to support your weight, so you do not put any weight on it.

Being focused on the roof’s state also needs to be contemplated while walking. At a safe way, log off the roofing fast and call a contractor once it is weakened. The membrane below may be soaked if a leak occurs. There is a need for you to call a roofer any time you are feeling a sponge-like substance on the roof. This certainly will also hold applicable in conditions when water discharges out from the membrane.

Since there is a significant component of leakages at seals and also penetrations, evaluating on them will certainly be a good idea. These represent the flashings and pipes which infiltrate your roof, usually surrounded by sheet of metal or even flashings. Be sure to review these penetrations for potential holes. Even if these cracks will possibly not at the beginning produce any trouble, but over time water get in and freezes. In this manner, the ice will collect the spot and crack it until eventually such time develop a hole. Overlapping couple of water resistant components are seals. Examine this to be sure that these are totally adhered.

Among the most important aspects of your property can be your roof. If you’d like to learn about retaining the importance of your home click for more information you are going to uncover the expertise of a specialist roofing contractor.

The Florida building inspectors have jobs that will keep them busy. They need to make sure that the buildings in their location are safe. Inspecting these can consist of companies and homes. Any type of structure that has been developed will certainly need an examination done. Additions on existing structures require looking over additionally.

Florida mold inspection is also an important thing that has to be done. It can be a huge complication in humid areas. Hot and damp locations are the best atmosphere for growing mold. When moisture gets into areas, it is tough to get it out of there if it is very warm.

Mold is not constantly easy to notice so they could need to look carefully in some spots. They also have to ensure that the builders are following the codes. County or state codes can be different in different areas. They alter rather typically also. Regulations will be put on a great deal of things. The required height of the ceiling and crawlspaces is important to understand.

A West Palm Beach home inspection is something that is essential prior to moving in. When something is not to the present standard, they are commonly condemned. Risky structures may even be torn down. This can easily happen for numerous explanations. A building inspector does not typically look at plumbing or electrical work.

Areas of buildings may be a problem too. There could be a rule on where they can easily be positioned. The distance away from a property line is one thing that can have drawbacks. Crawlspaces are required to have a specific heights. Strong floors are essential too.

Buildings have to have assessments in different stages of this process. It is very important that requirements have been met prior to proceeding to the next procedure. This is since there could be things that get covered up too easily. Rental units will also require assessments specifically if someone files a complaint about it.

If something is not developed to the correct standards, the Florida building inspectors will certainly not accept it. They know the means things have to be created and exactly what codes are exceptionally crucial to follow. Looking over a structure is very important before anyone moved into it. People need to have this approval prior to living there.

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Anyone who has lived in an area that is covered with trees, know how it feels to have leaves stuck in your rooftop gutters. Cleaning gutters is so time consuming. I know you were searching for a way out of this problem.

Here comes the gutter guard. If it is the windy season, you tend to clean your rooftop gutter the next day. A great gutter guard protector will have you save time in constant cleaning of your roof gutters.

A gutter guard is the one for this problem. It is very helpful for you especially when the windy season comes and you will be cleaning your gutters day in and day out. Sometimes, you end up paying someone else just to get your gutters all cleaned up.

You can avoid cleaning your gutters if you install gutter guard protectors. Trees can make for a wonderful scenery. But, people should be aware of the consequences it might bring when leaves start to get stuck on the roof.

Keeping your gutter clean is one of the chores that you have to do in a regular basis. Also, you have to make sure that the trees around you are free from bugs and insects. I am sure that you don’t want to have bugs and insects flying around that might harm you and your family.

The popularity of using a gutter protection system or most commonly known as gutter guard came from the easiness of manipulating and reproducing plastic compounds.Plastics make the best gutter guards because of its notable qualities like resistance to heat, cold and liquid.

As years pass, the design gutter guards are developed into better and newer forms. Even the uses that they perform have increased and right now, there’s no need for you to climb your roof anymore just to make it clean. Topnotch gutters make use of water flow through system that enables all of the accumulated leaves to fall right through the ground.

These technologies and minor advancements in gutter protectors might seem to be little steps, but they save a whole lot of time and effort. Aside from that, you do not have to face the dangers of having to go up the roof to clean your gutters! Your gutter guard will do the job for you.

Ideally, all homes should have gutter guards. Not only does it function well with your home, it also saves you a whole lot of damage caused by the debris that gets into your gutters. Gutter guard will help you save time.

Gutter guards do not only work for leaves; they also help avoid debris to stick in your gutter. The main thing that causes your gutter to be clogged is plastics. This can be avoided if you install gutter guard now.

Another use for gutter guards is it keeps birds from nesting on the gutter. But you have to make sure that these guards are strong, as well as your wood. Birds are resourceful animals that will find ways to break through the barriers.

Gutter protectors will not cost you a lot but it will be a great help to you. is just a small investment but it is one of the most important. So have your gutter guards installed today and experience the maximum protection that you deserve.

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