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Beware of these Property Defects

Beware of these Property Defects -  Repairs can be EXPENSIVE! Older homes will usually undergone many renovations over the years.  Some of the work done is clearly visible but there are always concerns with work that is not visible, and that is where your home inspection gets interesting.  Knowing where to look for telltale signs of...

Investing in Barrie

Barrie, ON is consistently being noticed as a “investment opportunity” city with buyers that are flocking to the city to invest in Real Estate.  Recently Barrie was ranked only behind Waterloo, Kitchener and Hamilton by the Real Estate investment Network.  The “REIN” cites the annexation of Innisfil as a future engine that will drive development...

Is a Home Inspection Necessary?

A Home Inspection can Save You Money and Stress Do I Have to waste money on having a Home Inspection?  This question crosses the mind of many home buyers.   When making the largest investment in your future, knowing what your buying can never be a bad thing.   A Professional Home inspection will identify issues and deficiencies with a home that...

Home Inspections in Barrie

Barrie Home Inspections is an inspection company that focuses on one individual home at a time, ensuring each customer receives a thorough building inspection, undivided attention and a caliber of customer service which is second to none.  Our personalized home inspections start on the exterior of your home and entail the through examination of...

Why You Need a Home Inspection

Over the course of the past ten years I have come across many homes which have had problems that would scare any rational buyer away. Unfortunately not all buyers have a home inspection and find out the hard way about the true condition of their home. Here are some deficiencies listed in no particular order which may give you some cause for...

WETT Inspections

When you require a basic visual inspection such as for insurance or pre-purchase of a home equipped with a certified or uncertified wood stove, pellet stove, corn stove, factory built fireplace, combination or add-on furnace you can contact the Barrie Home Inspector who is WETT Certified for Site Basic Inspections. Typically, your insurance...

Common Home Inspection Defects

Settling sidewalks and sloped uni-stone patios are common causes of water being directed against your foundation. This can allow water or moisture to penetrate you basement wall and even cause potential settling of your foundation. Always ensure your exterior grade will direct water away from your foundations.

Thermal Imaging

Light is basically divided into two categories for the purpose of thermal imaging, visible light and invisible light. There is an almost infinite range of light beyond human range of vision. Light, as described in physics, is an electromagnetic wave that propagates through space at a fixed speed. This wave is further identified by its wave length, frequency and energy. As displayed below the actual wavelengths visible to the human eye is quite small.

Wood Stove Inspections

Inspecting and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys is essential for the safety and efficiency of your wood burning unit. Remember, some projects are better left to professionals, but with basic tools and common sense, you can get a pretty good idea of the condition of yours.

Why Home Inspection Is Necessary

Some people may feel that there is no need to conduct a Calgary inspection especially if you ought to buy a newly built house. Purchasing your own home is an investment for the future that involves a huge amount of money. It should be able to offer security and comfort to make you relax after a tiring day at work.